I often wondered if routine had to do with economics and biology since I’m raised by a couple who still routinely wake up at 5 am and push off to bed by 11 pm. This fact by no means rules off the parties, drunk snake dances or world trips they have been to.

So what is it with routine that is helping us stay a bit normal in these abnormal types. Yes, I would like to call a spade a spade and refer to covid-19 times as totally abnormal and not the new normal for hope of some placebo effect.

From Mossad to the NDA corridors, routine is practised with devotion and those who follow it are held as disciplined minds ready to rule the world. More than the mental discipline, I think it has a lot to do with economic discipline. Routine is a tracker, with all our movement trackers on alert now, it is a much needed vaccination that is keeping us well calibrated to normal ways of consumption, like a bridging sticky gelatin between the pre and post covid-19 times.

No matter how much you may hit the bed by 11 pm and wake up fresh as dew by 5 am, you are somewhere trying to fit in and to fit in, you are disguising the obeying rules as ‘routine’. What are the takeaways then from this following of the routine? A fine sense of balance, rigour and a daily quick shot of anti-boredom from repetitive actions. The military has its own drill, the society has its own to save time, money and effort. It is a well-oiled cultural machinery working within your mind and now it is even more important to ensure your mind is active at all times.

From DIY to rationing our money, sleeping on time to wake up to ayurvedic starts to the day, saving more than spending – we are back to our grandfather’s way of living as close as possible to nature, infact in full freedom for the latter.

For those who feel routine is banal and monotonously boring. Try a bit of meditative thinking. When we search deeper as to what we wish to do and why, we will see a sense of routine acting as a path towards it. With an innate creative mind, I cannot but relate this to pure brand purpose and intentions. When we know our brand intention is to say one thing, our channel of operations, planning, ideation and creative storytelling can keep going circular and follow any chaotic consumer path – as long as the intent and purpose remains the same – we will be fine come rain or shine.

As our body clocks adjust to the new way of living and then readjust to the chaos we will soon face to survive this matrix – routine is the only vaccine you have against the unseen enemy outside your door.