Work found its place in the day's schedule just like the earlier times. Yes, earlier times. That's how I would like to refer to the period 2 months back, for we are certainly at the cusp of entering a new age.

The initial days reminded me of those rare occasions when I used to work from home and thank my stars for not having me to travel for 4 hrs a day (I'm Mumbaikar; so that ain't new to me). Although I save on my commute time now, a corner of my heart misses the old office routine. 15 days into the COVID era, as the new schedule sunk in, the scales of work life and personal life began balancing themselves. I cannot recollect the last time when I stayed with my family for so long. Otherwise, it was just a 'hotel stay' as my mother would call it.

Starting with breakfast, my day transcends into work mode, stops for a hot lunch, wades through a working afternoon and then culminates into a 40 minute evening exercise. Staying at home has allowed me to work or read post dinner. I've found myself to be the most productive during that time of the day. Reading about the pandemic and stock market crashes, I make sure I get some me time during the day to focus on my inner being and strengthen the resolve to be positive.

Each passing day only reminds me of how fortunate I am to be eating good food, staying at my home and having access to a WiFi connection (undeniably essential, even if it doesn't find a place in the official list). Food and shelter are still luxuries for some. I thank god and pray that each one of us continues to live in these times.

As Oscar Wilde rightly said," To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist".

Hoping to come out victorious (safe & healthy) from these uncertain times we are in.

(#AtHome with Lights Out is a mini series of individual expression, from our team's perspective on what their typical day during this quarantine period looks like; what they've experienced and little learnings that they'd like to share with everyone.)