Usually overstated, but rarely understood, ‘Bombay has a certain vibe that consumes you’ and that’s what happened to me for the past several years. For years at a stretch ‘travelling’ to work has been part of my routine. I always planned my day according to the traffic and hence everything else became secondary. It bothered me everyday, but there was no way out. That’s the price you pay for living in a metro city and I had made my peace with it.

The last 2 months have been overwhelming. Not because I had to set into a new routine, but just that the new routine was what was the new global norm. Never had I imagined myself to be so conscious with my workout routine or with my food choices. Waking up at 6am feels liberating. It’s almost effortless. I used to unapologetically sleep myself off to Netflix; but that’s now replaced by a book read. My screen time has been reducing by almost 25% every week (thanks to Apple insights). Breakfast, lunches and dinner happen on time, enough to give way to midday snacks & fruits. And let me not get started about those midday naps that just keep you so fresh and productive. In fact this is where I realised that there's a difference in being busy and being productive. How your day is uninterrupted by those coffee breaks or a coworker tapping on your shoulder for a discussion; all of that is replaced by lots of productive hours of work.

In fact I feel I’m so used to this lifestyle that it would be challenging to get back to a usual day at work. Quite obviously I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a strong support system around to help me sail through my day, especially my house help. There’s so much time to experiment and just think, it’s unbelievable. If you were to embrace and accept everything that’s happening, there would always be a method to the madness. I’ve found mine.

(#AtHome with Lights Out is a mini series of individual expression, from our team's perspective on what their typical day during this quarantine period looks like; what they've experienced and little learnings that they'd like to share with everyone.)